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Direct Couriers

Whether you are booking a job though our local customer service team, our online portal or are fully integrated and automated, Direct Couriers offers the highest levels of technology services available. From delivery notifications throughout the journey, to live driver tracking, or the final proof of delivery with photo arriving within seconds of the actual job, Direct Couriers offer the same level of visibility and surety no matter what service you require.

Courier & Taxi Truck

Same Day Regular Courier
From a letter to a large multi piece shipment, our drivers will pick up and deliver within 5 hours from the job ready time in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. You can receive live alerts for pick up, nearby (when a driver is within 6km of delivery) and POD to your email or as an sms message.

Same Day Express Courier
For those more urgent deliveries, our drivers will pick up and deliver within 3 hours from the job ready time in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. You can receive live alerts for pick up, nearby (when a driver is within 6km of delivery) and POD to your email or as an sms message.

You can even track the driver via our Live GPS tracking system.

Same Day Elite Courier
When it has to be there now. Utilising our extensive fleet, this service will provide the closest driver available to pick up and deliver your shipment directly in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland. This is the fastest service possible, and ensures your urgent shipment will be delivered on time when you need it, as fast as we can.

Full pick up, nearby and delivery alerts can be sent to unlimited contacts and live tracking is available to monitor the shipment every step of the way.

Same Day Regular Taxi Truck Services
For those heavy weight or palletised shipments, we have a range of 1 tonne trucks right up to semi-trailers to ensure we have you covered. We will deliver within 6 hours from ready time to delivery depending on the size of truck and the cargo being moved. You will also receive live alerts for pick up, nearby (when the driver is within 6km of delivery) and POD.  You can even track your delivery live utilising our GPS tracking service.

Same Day Express Taxi Truck Services
For those urgent freight shipments. We have a range of 1 tonne to 12 tonne trucks that will deliver your shipment in 4 hours from time ready to delivery in the metropolitan areas of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Auckland.

You have full visibility of your delivery utilising our live GPS tracking system, in addition to our pick up, nearby and delivery alerts via email and/or sms.

Semi-Trailer Services

To meet the needs of our customers, we offer a national fleet of tautliner and flat top semi-trailers.

For all your one off, regular run or Hot Shot deliveries, we have the right vehicle to meet your needs.

You get full visibility through our Live GPS tracking system and additionally you can receive a pick up, nearby (when the driver is within 6km of delivery) and POD alerts via email or sms.

For all our courier and taxi truck services, account holders can simply login to our web site to process a shipment directly into the booking system, obtain a quote, maintain a database of favourite jobs, address book, review invoices and print reports.

Exclusive hourly hire service

Do you currently run your own fleet ?

Do you suffer when drivers are sick, on leave or have vehicles off the road?

Do you wish to add more drivers but don't want the fixed cost commitment?

Our Exclusive Hourly Hire service is an alternative solution to running your own delivery fleet. We can provide the driver and vehicle of your choice (motorbike, car, van or truck).

All our drivers are AACA accredited and fully trained professionals. You can use Direct Couriers on an ad-hoc basis to replace a sick driver or you can use us on a permanent run to become familiar with your customers particular needs. Whatever your particular needs require, we can provide a driver dedicated to you, so let us take your worry away.

You no longer need to be concerned about wages, superannuation, vehicle costs, or time off the road due to holiday or sickness, as the driver and vehicle are employed with us, you can relax as we have it covered.

Along with the driver and vehicle, you also have access to our live GPS tracking system, delivery allocation system and direct messaging to the drivers PDA.

Call our fleet management experts now and we can help plan your:

Seasonality requirements
Sick or holiday leave coverage
Additional run requirements
Ad-hoc project work

After hours & weekend deliveries

At Direct Couriers, we know our customers don't just work from 9am to 5pm. That's why we are open when you need us.  That's 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Whether it's a mission critical delivery for a hospital, or urgent parts for a production line, we have the services available to handle all your requirements. From cars to semi-trailers, our fleet is on the road when you need it.

Call 131610 and our after hours operators will handle your urgent and critical requests.

Interstate & International

Road Freight
Non-priority service Australia-wide, for small and large consignments.
Delivery times will vary depending on the receiving state.
Special prices offered for large consignments, including multiple pallets.

Click on the origin city for transit times. Ex-Sydney, Ex-Melbourne, Ex-Brisbane, Ex-Adelaide, Ex Perth

Overnight Express
Express service Australia-wide
Deliveries next working day to all capital cities
Most destinations Australia-wide serviced by Next Day delivery 

Priority Overnight Express
Delivery by 09:00am to selected suburbs in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Canberra, Adelaide and Perth.
Normal Overnight Express rate plus a surcharge.
Click here for Suburbs Listing for a detailed list of the suburbs where Priority Overnight is available.

Same Day Service
Time critical delivery when it just "has to be there"
Service available 7 days a week, 24 hours per day
Priority loading on next available flight
Proof of delivery confirmation when completed
Guaranteed delivery within 2 hours of freight availability in capital cities. (extra driving time required in other regional destinations)
International Courier
Door to door services for documents and packages worldwide
Customs clearance prearranged for priority shipments
Online tracking for all shipments via Internet login
Priority services available on request

Transit Times
For a full breakdown of Overnight, Road and International transit times, please see our website or contact your local state office.

Click here for International Courier transit times

Container unpacks

Direct Couriers can organise the container pick up from the dock, unpacking, sorting or labelling for dispatch or storage. Whatever your requirements, we have the solution for you.

  • Packing and unpacking of containers
  • Palletisation of goods
  • Shrink wrapping of pallets 
  • Labelling and sorting of goods
  • Dedicated forklift drivers
  • Cross docking
  • 3PL warehousing
  • Storage of palletised and loose cargo
  • Manual unpacks
  • Underbond container unpacks

We provide full insurance for all our employees including workers compensation, public liability, and adhere to all work place policies and workcover standards.

Storage Services

We can assist customers with short and long term storage nationally in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide.

Our professionally run warehouses offer –

  • Convenience – Our warehouses are all located for easy access to local ports, airports, CBD and major arterials.
  • Flexibility – We can take delivery of anything from a single pallet to full truck loads or container loads.
  • Security – Visitors must sign in to enter the warehouse and all people on-site must display ID.
  • Technology – Our Online Warehouse Management programme gives clients easy access to information on goods currently in storage and to a multitude of reporting options.
  • Under Bond - Our Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane warehouses have the added advantages of holding a section 77G depot license for sea and air freight, allowing us to store goods under customs bond.

The Melbourne warehouse is also a licensed quarantine (AQIS) premises, allowing us to store goods awaiting AQIS inspection and or fumigation service.

Our storage service links in seamlessly with Direct Couriers local and national delivery service. By consolidating suppliers, you have the added benefit of receiving one easy to understand invoice for both storage and delivery services, which means less administration for you.

Whether you are looking for storage space as a short term stop gap or a long term outsourcing solution, contact one of our helpful team on 13 16 10 nationally to discuss your needs.

Direct Cold

Offering full temperature controlled refrigerated transport 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Our wide range of vehicles offer full temperature logging, reporting and all the delivery notifications that you expect from Direct Couriers.

Temperature Controlled Taxi Truck Services

Direct Couriers refrigerated transport division is called Direct Cold and specialises in the Healthcare and Pharma Industries. We provide a  24/7, 365 days a year delivery with all the technology benefits that you have come to expect from Direct Couriers.


Direct Cold fleet offer full temperature controlled and refrigerated transport. From frozen to ambient control ( -25 to +25 ) with full temperature logging and reporting.

Same Day Urgent – Book before 12pm for same day delivery
Next Day – Book by 4pm for next day delivery.

Temperature Controlled Roller Truck Service -  Specialising in airport retrieval as required.

Transporting Healthcare Products

Many healthcare products are required to be stored at specific temperature and humidity ranges to ensure product efficiency. Likewise, temperature requirements usually apply whilst these products are being transported. Packaging of cold chain medicines should be undertaken in an area specifically set aside for this purpose and be performed under conditions (temperature and time) that minimise the risk of medicine temperature excursions outside the conditions prescribed on the TGA approved product packaging. Validated temperature-control systems (e.g. thermal packaging, temperature-controlled containers, refrigerated vehicles) shall be used to ensure integrity of the cold chain is maintained during the transit period. The storage and distribution of healthcare products are regulated throughout the world by a variety of government agencies. Direct Couriers will ensure:

  • Healthcare products will be segregated from all non-healthcare products, including foods
  • Regular pest control and sanitation in transporting vehicles to ensure healthcare products are not contaminated or adulterated
  • Computer system validation to ensure these programs do what they are intended to do consistently and accurately
  • Temperature sensitive transportation is a customised solution unlike most general freight

All applicable Direct Couriers transport drivers and employees are trained to provide reliable and compliant cold chain services.

Transporting Cold Chain Food

Potentially hazardous foods must be kept under temperature control.

Potentially hazardous foods are foods that might contain food poisoning bacteria and are capable of supporting growth of these bacteria or formation of toxins to levels that are unsafe for consumers, if the foods are not stored t correct temperatures. Toxins are poisonous chemicals produced by some types of bacteria.

The following are examples of potentially hazardous foods:

  • Raw and cooked meat or foods containing meat, such as casseroles, curries and lasagne;
  • Dairy products, for example, milk, custard and dairy based desserts;
  • Seafood (excluding live seafood);
  • Processed fruits and vegetables, for example, salads;
  • Cooked rice and pasta;
  • Foods containing eggs, beans, nuts or other protein rich foods, such as quiche and soy products;
  • Foods that contain these foods, such as sandwiches and rolls.

When transporting potentially hazardous food then all parties in the cold chain supply chain must ensure that the temperature of potentially hazardous food is either at 5°C or colder or at 60°C or hotter when it is received, displayed, transported or stored, depending on the product and instructions. All Direct Couriers operators fully understand the temperature required for the products they are transporting.

For more information, please email:


Direct Cold has a large range of vehicles for all your requirements. From refrigerated Ute's right up to 22 pallet Semi Trailers


  • Refrigerated 1 tonne Van, 2 tonne Van & 3 tonne trucks
  • 6 pallet trucks
  • 12 pallet rollers
  • 12 pallet tail lifts
  • 14 pallet trucks
  • 18 pallet trucks
  • 22 pallet trucks

All vehicles are audited and accredited, with fully trained, professional drivers.


Direct Cold is accredited with the following certifications.

  • ISO – 9001 : 2015
  • ACCA
  • Aviation Act Transport Security Clearance
  • Membership of Medicines Australia
  • NSW Department of Primary Industry Food Authority License
  • GDP Compliant


You will receive instant and accurate temperature reporting milestones throughout the delivery process. With our full GPS tracking and Email/SMS notifications, the temperature report is provided at pickup, nearby (within 6km of delivery) and at the final delivery destination. The deliverred temperature is provided on the POD.

Temperature Loggers

When transporting temperature-controlled goods, all Direct Cold vehicles are equipped with individual temperature loggers capable of reporting live temperature data and alarms. When reporting data, temperature sensitive loggers have the capability to transmit the internal temperature every 5 minutes. If the temperature deviates from the desired range the loggers have the ability to alert the drivers and operators.   

After every trip is complete, the loggers send through a detailed report to our Direct Cold Management team outlining the temperatures throughout the trip. These reports allow the operators and management to display real time data when required by the customers.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping enables Direct Cold to understand the temperature distribution within refrigerated vehicles. It helps Direct Cold staff see whether or not we have an even spread of temperature throughout the vehicle, or whether there are cold spots (or warmer spots).

Direct Cold conducts mapping reports for each refrigerated vehicle twice a year. One report in summer and the other in winter.

For more information, please email:

Direct Road

With our overnight palletised freight linehaul service between Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to our dedicated trailer loads intrastate and interstate, talk to our experienced team at Direct Road regarding your exact requirements. Our linehaul services offer 24/7, 365 days a year linehaul solutions.

We even offer backfill linehaul on a weekly basis. Talk to us now.

Overnight Palletised Freight Service

Direct Road provides an overnight palletised freight delivery service between Sydney and Melbourne daily. 

Additionally, Direct Road provides a full truck load, road service on an ad-hoc basis as required. These jobs are generally one way, and thus provide available space for the return leg at discounted rates.

Talk to our sales people now and we can provide updated return routes as they are requested.

Direct Road offers full Live GPS tracking, and instant POD notifications, like you have come to expect from Direct Couriers.

To be included in our weekly back fill linehaul availability notification, please email

Direct Home

More than ever, ecommerce customers are demanding a variety of choice with their delivery options. If your business doesn’t offer it’s customers an option to receive their purchase the same day, along with the standard next day up to a week away service, then many customers will look elsewhere.

Direct Home offers the unique point to point delivery service. We will pick up from the store/distribution centre and deliver the purchase within hours of the booking. Whether you require, day time, twilight or weekend or even two man delivery, talk to our specialised team and let us develop the solution you require.

Same Day Courier Service

Over the past two years, online shopping has become the norm, rather than the exception. The majority of Australians now order regularly online. Customers are king when it comes to online shopping, and recent research has shown that customers are willing to switch their online retailer if they are not provided "their choice" in delivery options. 

Today, more than 30% of all online shoppers want to receive their goods the same day. Many within 3 hours of completing their order.

Direct Home provides the perfect solution for e-retailers offering a same day delivery service.  Direct Home is integrated with all major ecommerce platforms, and can provide a range of "live" notifications such as Collection, nearby to delivery and then the final proof of delivery instantly.

Direct Home works closely with our e-retailers to provide the perfect solution for same day delivery, from support with technology integration, to the development of customised processes to ensure your customer has the best solution for their needs.

Twilight & Weekend Home Delivery

Direct Couriers understands what it means when your customers "need it now "! 

For almost 40 years, Direct Couriers have provided a 24 hr a day, 365 days a year delivery service, specialising in those that "need it now" ! 

With this expertise, Direct Home can customise solutions for e-retailers that provide not only a 9-5 Monday to Friday delivery service, but also after hours and weekend services.

Talk with our team, to determine if twilight and weekend delivery can work for you to deliver the best products and service to your customers. 

Distribution Centre to Store Deliveries

Direct Home provides retailers with a specialised same day service for receiving stock, directly from warehouses or distribution centres on an ad-hoc basis or we can provide a dedicated fleet to provide store replenishment on a set run basis.  Direct Home will work with your business to provide the most cost effective model to provide stock directly to your store on a just in time basis.  Whether that is a mixture of ad-hoc or permanent run deliveries, we will customise the right solution for your needs.

Talk to us about your requirements, and Direct Home will work with you every step of the way to ensure your needs are met.  With our in-house IT development team, we can automate booking, notifications, deliveries seamlessly with your existing software systems.

Two Man Teams

Direct Home can provide a full range of home delivery services include two man teams.  For those items that are heavy or bulky and require additional support for delivery, our two man team service provides a range of vehicle sizes all with tail lift to ensure your goods are delivered. Our two man teams can be hired daily or utilised as part of a permanent fleet.

For more information call 13 16 10 and talk to our Direct Home team now !

Direct Exclusive

Does your business currently require a fleet of vehicles to deliver to your customers multiple times a day?

Has your fleet been performing the same set runs for many years?

Our Direct exclusive team will provide a think tank of solutions to ensure your business and customers receive the highest levels of service, while reducing overall costs and improving productivity.

Our team analyse your existing set run structure, review your requirements, and utilising our technology tools, route optimisation simulation software, service and vehicle size options provide a solution that maximises your productivity and provides a continuous improvement process.

Talk to our Direct Exclusive team now.

Fleet Management

Do you currently run your own fleet of vehicles but require additional ad-hoc or regular run support?

Do you want to outsource your fleet but need to maintain control of the despatch process?

Perhaps you would like to outsource the entire despatch process?

With Direct Couriers, we have solutions to all your questions.

We can provide you with access to our online despatch system. This is designed to centralise all your bookings on one screen, thus allowing you to allocate deliveries to your own fleet or dedicated Direct Couriers fleet, or even to the general Direct Couriers fleet, depending on your requirements.

You get full live GPS tracking visibility for all your fleet as well as the dedicated Direct Courier drivers, allowing you to allocate jobs to the nearest available driver.

With Direct Courier's online despatch system, you get instant access to reports that allow you to review all driver delivery routes, times taken, the speed the drivers are travelling, or any number of factors that can help planning, save costs and better utilise your resources to increase your customer satisfaction.

By utilising the Direct Courier online despatch system, we can provide your current drivers with our Drive App and thus give you full access to all visibility solutions like our live GPS tracking system.

You can then provide your customers with alerts like pick up, nearby (when a driver is within 6km of the delivery) and the POD instantly sent to any number of receivers via email or sms.

With our online despatch system, you can send messages and delivery instructions directly to the driver via the App. If goods are damaged at pick up or delivery, a photo can be taken of the shipment which is instantly uploaded to the website which you can email at any time.

Additional documents can be uploaded in the system and delivered as part of the POD or kept on file as required. You will have 3 full years of data stored for instant retrieval and use.

Enquire now and we will have one of our fleet management professionals call you to discuss your requirements.

Exclusive Hire Vehicles

Direct Exclusive are our contract logistics team that specialise in managing customers fleet requirements with our exclusive hire vehicles. The Direct Exclusive team each have more than 20 years experience in the supply chain industry and consist of operations, Industrial engineering, sales/marketing, transport, IT people, along with hands on support from the business owners.

The Direct Exclusive team will work with you to understand you immediate requirements and long term goals and work with you to achieve the results.  The Direct Exclusive team will manage the dedicated exclusive hire vehicles and utilise Route Optimisation, various vehicle sizes, driver hours, ad-hoc fleet, IT enhancements and ongoing process flow management to ensure that we achieve an ongoing process improvement plan that increases productivity, reduces overall costs and provides efficiencies across your business units.

Talk to our team now about how we can improve your final mile delivery requirements.

Route Optimisation

Route planning is a cloud based tool used to create smarter routes to improve customer on time needs, reduce kilometer's driven and driver running cost, excessive driver hours and time spent planning.

 Key Criteria of Route Planning

  • Customer Detail and Depots
    Street address (Geocode - Lat / Long)
    Time on site
    Hours of operation
    DIFOT time
    Vehicle type
    Forbidden drivers
    Shipment profile

  • Drivers and Vehicles
    Pay rates (Rate and O’T Rate)
    Shift availability / Patterns
    Load & Unload allowance
    Return to depot / Finish at last stop or home.
  • Enables Creation of Reporting KPI’s
    Despatch audit measures driver DC departure speed and effectiveness.
    Route audit assesses drivers completion of route by sequence and customer delivery times.
Think Tank

One of the advantages that Direct Couriers have in the marketplace is the owners of the business are actively involved in the day to day operations of the business. Each branch Australia wide is run by a director who is invested in the business and is actively working to make our business even better.

As such, we have regular "Think Tank" sessions that bring the best minds in the industry together to solve issues for a customer. As an owner is part of the decision making process, improvements happen quickly.  

As Direct Exclusive work extensively with customers that require a specialised, custom made solution, our Think Tank sessions can provide solutions based on a broad range of experienced professionals and will be actioned as a priority.