Same Day Courier Service

Over the past two years, online shopping has become the norm, rather than the exception. The majority of Australians now order regularly online. Customers are king when it comes to online shopping, and recent research has shown that customers are willing to switch their online retailer if they are not provided "their choice" in delivery options. 

Today, more than 30% of all online shoppers want to receive their goods the same day. Many within 3 hours of completing their order.

Direct Home provides the perfect solution for e-retailers offering a same day delivery service.  Direct Home is integrated with all major ecommerce platforms, and can provide a range of "live" notifications such as Collection, nearby to delivery and then the final proof of delivery instantly.

Direct Home works closely with our e-retailers to provide the perfect solution for same day delivery, from support with technology integration, to the development of customised processes to ensure your customer has the best solution for their needs.

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