Route Optimisation

Route planning is a cloud based tool used to create smarter routes to improve customer on time needs, reduce kilometer's driven and driver running cost, excessive driver hours and time spent planning.

 Key Criteria of Route Planning

  • Customer Detail and Depots
    Street address (Geocode - Lat / Long)
    Time on site
    Hours of operation
    DIFOT time
    Vehicle type
    Forbidden drivers
    Shipment profile

  • Drivers and Vehicles
    Pay rates (Rate and O’T Rate)
    Shift availability / Patterns
    Load & Unload allowance
    Return to depot / Finish at last stop or home.
  • Enables Creation of Reporting KPI’s
    Despatch audit measures driver DC departure speed and effectiveness.
    Route audit assesses drivers completion of route by sequence and customer delivery times.

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