Temperature controlled taxi truck services

Direct Couriers refrigerated transport division is called Direct Cold and specialises in the Healthcare and Pharma Industries. We provide a  24/7, 365 days a year delivery with all the technology benefits that you have come to expect from Direct Couriers.


Direct Cold fleet offer full temperature controlled and refrigerated transport. From frozen to ambient control ( -25 to +25 ) with full temperature logging and reporting.

Same Day Urgent – Book before 12pm for same day delivery
Next Day – Book by 4pm for next day delivery.

Temperature Controlled Roller Truck Service -  Specialising in airport retrieval as required.

Transporting Healthcare Products

Many healthcare products are required to be stored at specific temperature and humidity ranges to ensure product efficiency. Likewise, temperature requirements usually apply whilst these products are being transported. Packaging of cold chain medicines should be undertaken in an area specifically set aside for this purpose and be performed under conditions (temperature and time) that minimise the risk of medicine temperature excursions outside the conditions prescribed on the TGA approved product packaging. Validated temperature-control systems (e.g. thermal packaging, temperature-controlled containers, refrigerated vehicles) shall be used to ensure integrity of the cold chain is maintained during the transit period. The storage and distribution of healthcare products are regulated throughout the world by a variety of government agencies. Direct Couriers will ensure:

  • Healthcare products will be segregated from all non-healthcare products, including foods
  • Regular pest control and sanitation in transporting vehicles to ensure healthcare products are not contaminated or adulterated
  • Computer system validation to ensure these programs do what they are intended to do consistently and accurately
  • Temperature sensitive transportation is a customised solution unlike most general freight

All applicable Direct Couriers transport drivers and employees are trained to provide reliable and compliant cold chain services.

Transporting Cold Chain Food

Potentially hazardous foods must be kept under temperature control.

Potentially hazardous foods are foods that might contain food poisoning bacteria and are capable of supporting growth of these bacteria or formation of toxins to levels that are unsafe for consumers, if the foods are not stored t correct temperatures. Toxins are poisonous chemicals produced by some types of bacteria.

The following are examples of potentially hazardous foods:

  • Raw and cooked meat or foods containing meat, such as casseroles, curries and lasagne;
  • Dairy products, for example, milk, custard and dairy based desserts;
  • Seafood (excluding live seafood);
  • Processed fruits and vegetables, for example, salads;
  • Cooked rice and pasta;
  • Foods containing eggs, beans, nuts or other protein rich foods, such as quiche and soy products;
  • Foods that contain these foods, such as sandwiches and rolls.

When transporting potentially hazardous food then all parties in the cold chain supply chain must ensure that the temperature of potentially hazardous food is either at 5°C or colder or at 60°C or hotter when it is received, displayed, transported or stored, depending on the product and instructions. All tDirect Couriers operators fully understand the temperature required for the products they are transporting.

For more information, please email: cold@directcouriers.com.au

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