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Live Chat with our Live Staff
Jul 02

At direct couriers, we have are always focused on improving our technology and service to our customers. We recently launched our new platform Live Chat to allow customers another way for their queries to be answered or their orders reviewed. Although this is a new online feature, behind the screen is the same customer service team you have known and loved over the years.

Live Chat is a quick and easy way to chat with your local customer service branch, simply login to our client booking portal and type in your query. They are available during office hours and would love to hear from you.

Try our Live Chat now! Our team are ready and waiting.

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Route Optimisation during COVID-19
Jul 02

Our Contract Logistics division have been hard at work during COVID -19, assisting their clients who require set fleet runs, to find the most efficient and cost effective route. Through the use of our route optimization program, they have been able to reduce fleet sizes for companies that have downsized their operations due to social distancing restrictions.

This program ensures our clients have the right number of vehicles, at the right size, are utilized throughout these new set fleet runs to minimise the costs. Our modelling team have been working closely with their customers to ensure the best service is being maintained while their fleet sizes are being adjusted. And as restrictions start to ease, they will continue work with their clients to ensure the fleet size returns with a gradual growth.

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May 12

As an additional benefit to our online booking customers, we have now introduced our new LIVE CHAT facility. Customers can simply login to our client booking portal and click on the link and our Customer Service staff will be on hand to answer any query you may have.  This new feature allows customers that are booking jobs or reviewing the current status of a job to simply click on the link and type in their query for an instant response. 

Our Customer Service staff are ready and waiting for any query you may have. Give it a try now, and don't forget to give us a rating.

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Introducing Direct Cold
Feb 19

The Cold Facts

Andrews Refrigerated Transport undergoes a facelift to launch our new and exciting Refrigerated Transport Division called Direct Cold.

It has been only a few months since Direct Couriers announced the acquisition of Andrews Refrigerated Transport and the launch of Direct Cold, our new Refrigerated Transport division specialising in Pharmaceutical, Healthcare and perishable goods.

As part of our integration plan, we have incorporated all the technology benefits that Direct Couriers offers you, such as online booking, Notification alerts, Live GPS tracking, reporting and we can even provide the transported temperature directly on the POD instantly.

Along  with the launch of the new division, we have undergone a rebranding process for all of our new fleet of refrigerated vehicles.

The first stage of the facelift process was to design the logo that incorporated Direct Couriers but included the new specialised COLD division.

Once completed, we created variations of the logo that would work seamlessly along a semi-trailer right down to the smallest ute.

Our first truck to be rebranded was the 12 pallet refrigerated vehicle from Andrews Refrigerated Transport.

Follow the journey below with our first Direct Cold vehicle to undergo the facelift.

For more information regarding our Direct Cold service, please contact your Account Manager or email sales@directcouriers.com.au 

We started with the Andrews Transports 12 pallet refrigerated vehicle.


Removal of existing Branding


Printing of New Truck Wrap

The facelift begins


Finally our new truck hits the road and is back to work.

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Peter Warren Automotive - NSW Driver of the Year
Jan 30

Peter Warren Automotive - NSW Driver of the Year Award

We are pleased to announce that Peter Warren Automotive have partnered with Direct Couriers in sponsoring our NSW driver of the month and driver of the year awards for 2020.

We have many great drivers on our fleet, and it is our pleasure to recognize the great work that they do. Peter Warren Automotive also believe in the same values and dedication that we hold dear, and are happy to join us in the sponsorship of these awards.

The Peter Warren Group was established in 1958 by Peter Warren. The company has since grown to become one of Australia's largest privately owned dealer groups, with nearly 30 brands, across 14 locations in NSW and QLD.

If you are looking for a great deal on your next car or commercial vehicle, please contact Chris Paradowski at chris.paradowski@peterwarren.com.au


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