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regulated air cargo agent

The Regulated Air Cargo Agent scheme is administered by the Dept of Infrastructure and Transport in conjunction with the Office of Transport Security. The program was established in response to a number of security incidents in the late 1990’s and 2000’s, these incidents highlighted a weakness in the aviation supply chain and Governments worldwide responded by strengthening their security measures.

In order to participate in the conveyance of airfreight for export domestically or internationally a freight carrier must either be a RACA or an AACA (Accredited Air Cargo Agent). Only a RACA has present “Cleared” cargo to a Cargo Terminal Operator or CTO (Airline) hence why Direct Couriers is a RACA.

Responsibilities of the RACA involve basic checking of cargo for signs of tampering or explosives, in order to do this a RACA must ensure their staff and contractors are fully trained in the process of identifying suspect shipments. As Direct Couriers is also a Regulated Air Cargo Agent Training & Assessment Organisation (RACATO) we conduct all our training in house as per the guidelines of the RACA Security Training Framework.

Other requirements of the RACA are to ensure air cargo is not interfered with in the supply chain process, that the identification of the shipper is verified via proper government issued ID’s, maintenance of a Regular Shippers List, cargo examination and the issuing of a Shippers declaration and or a Chain of Custody Statement (ChOCS).

Direct Couriers as a RACA; participates in regular Governmental and industry seminars, conferences and workshops in order to stay abreast of enhancement and changes to the Aviation Transport Security Act.

All Direct Couriers offices are Regulated Air Cargo Agents (RACA). Refer to the RACA LIST for confirmation of our accreditation.