You will receive instant and accurate temperature reporting milestones throughout the delivery process. With our full GPS tracking and Email/SMS notifications, the temperature report is provided at pickup, nearby (within 6km of delivery) and at the final delivery destination. The deliverred temperature is provided on the POD.

Temperature Loggers

When transporting temperature-controlled goods, all Direct Cold vehicles are equipped with individual temperature loggers capable of reporting live temperature data and alarms. When reporting data, temperature sensitive loggers have the capability to transmit the internal temperature every 5 minutes. If the temperature deviates from the desired range the loggers have the ability to alert the drivers and operators.   

After every trip is complete, the loggers send through a detailed report to our Direct Cold Management team outlining the temperatures throughout the trip. These reports allow the operators and management to display real time data when required by the customers.

Temperature Mapping

Temperature mapping enables Direct Cold to understand the temperature distribution within refrigerated vehicles. It helps Direct Cold staff see whether or not we have an even spread of temperature throughout the vehicle, or whether there are cold spots (or warmer spots).

Direct Cold conducts mapping reports for each refrigerated vehicle twice a year. One report in summer and the other in winter.

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