Fleet Management

Do you currently run your own fleet of vehicles but require additional ad-hoc or regular run support?

Do you want to outsource your fleet but need to maintain control of the despatch process?

Perhaps you would like to outsource the entire despatch process?

With Direct Couriers, we have solutions to all your questions.

We can provide you with access to our online despatch system. This is designed to centralise all your bookings on one screen, thus allowing you to allocate deliveries to your own fleet or dedicated Direct Couriers fleet, or even to the general Direct Couriers fleet, depending on your requirements.

You get full live GPS tracking visibility for all your fleet as well as the dedicated Direct Courier drivers, allowing you to allocate jobs to the nearest available driver.

With Direct Courier's online despatch system, you get instant access to reports that allow you to review all driver delivery routes, times taken, the speed the drivers are travelling, or any number of factors that can help planning, save costs and better utilise your resources to increase your customer satisfaction.

By utilising the Direct Courier online despatch system, we can provide your current drivers with our Drive App and thus give you full access to all visibility solutions like our live GPS tracking system.

You can then provide your customers with alerts like pick up, nearby (when a driver is within 6km of the delivery) and the POD instantly sent to any number of receivers via email or sms.

With our online despatch system, you can send messages and delivery instructions directly to the driver via the App. If goods are damaged at pick up or delivery, a photo can be taken of the shipment which is instantly uploaded to the website which you can email at any time.

Additional documents can be uploaded in the system and delivered as part of the POD or kept on file as required. You will have 3 full years of data stored for instant retrieval and use.

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